Gallery Revisited show

-Gallery Revisited was the second, Silver Lake (3204 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90026)  incarnation of the commercial gallery Bamboo Lane/ Revisited Gallery in the Chung King Road area of Chinatown LA which started to represent me in 2005 with their "Portraits" show (in situ installation shot above) which led to some prominent commissions including an oil painting for Gil Friesen: the former Board President for the Museum of Contemporary Art ( as well as president of A&M Records.)  

Glynn bio used in show

Here is an excerpt from their press release from that show :

"...David Glynn paints in grisaille as a symbolic reference to the formal painting process. Distorted renditions of the same face or faces are painted in vibrant colors floating in the foreground of the canvas. The distortions reinforce the social context of skin tones & conceptual metaphors. Glynn has studied at the Massachusetts College of Art, San Francisco Art Institute & the Rhode Island School of Design. His resume includes over a decade of exhibitions, an extensive bibliography & private collections listing. "


Solo show at South Labrea Gallery

South LaBrea Gallery was owned by Whitney Post Grad Alum Kavin Buck who was head of recruitment for UCLA Grad School of the Arts & Architecture.  My paintings were featured in a solo show there in 2003 


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