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it is ironic that much of my early digital resume is not readily traceable on the net, but here is some fill in for those interested:

-Spectra Photo was a high end photo service center who got behind digital fine art in the late 90's.  They built a beautiful dedicated brick and mortar gallery next to their shop. When I first showed there in 1999 they were a block or so north of Gagosian's SoHo gallery on Green St, right before he moved to Chelsea.  I have some video of it  Here is the location info I have from the time:

Spectra Digital Arts Gallery
Kevin Mutch, Director,  was at:
508 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012. 

POD Gallery


This New York City company was part of Spectra Gallery and specialized in "Print-On-Demand" - a print to order Atelier. Their site had a shopping cart and they also handled framing and shipping. 

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Pharmaka show

-Pharmaka was an artist run gallery part of the burgeoning Downtown LA art scene in the "naughties."  I was in a true juried (no entry fee) show in 2007 curated by the respected art journalist and curator Holly Myers.  Here's her Linkedin resume https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-myers-20103b4

Etching Detail 

above is a detail from: 

" Lorina in Hollywoodland -#10 "
2007 etching
7” x 10” (image area) edition of 20

Pharmaka, was at: 101 W. 5th St., L.A., CA